Energy Drink Warning For Westchester County

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Welcome to my Westchester County dental blog. Today’s topic is energy drinks and the damage they can cause to your teeth. I am seeing more and more Westchester County teens and adults with tooth enamel erosion caused by frequent consumption of sport drinks.

How Long Will A Dental Crown Last?

cost of dental crowns NYC

NYC endodontists, oral surgeons, and general dentists use dental crowns (sometimes called caps) in many restorative treatments. A crown adds strength to a tooth that has a large filling or has been injured, a crown can correct bite misalignments, and a crown is usually necessary after a root canal. In a dental implant procedure, attaching the crown to the abutment is the final step.

Tooth Decay In White Plains?

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At The Dental Design Center, we restore decayed teeth to create smiles that are both healthy and beautiful. Recent advances in both techniques and materials have made the ‘impossible’ not only possible, but affordable for everyone in White Plains as well.