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Root Canals in White Plains

When a tooth is threatened by severe decay, periodontal disease, or damage from an injury, a skilled dentist or endodontist must make a judgment call concerning the course of treatment. If the pulp of the tooth is infected or inflamed, a root canal is typically the only way to save the tooth. During a root…

Peace Begins With A Smile

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Scarsdale cosmetic dental veneers

Mother Theresa once said “Peace begins with a smile.” Perhaps that peace should start with the person who is smiling. How do you feel about your smile? Are you at peace with it? Are you proud to flash a wide, happy grin? Do you believe it is beautiful? Does it express your best self? Let’s…

How Do You Measure Dental Success?

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How do you measure “dental success?” A check-up with no cavities? A perfect smile? A crown that looks as natural as the surrounding teeth? It could mean all those things and many more. For a child, dental success could be defined as a childhood free of cavities, learning daily dental hygiene practices, and gaining an…

Dental Confidence Or Caution In New York?

New Castle cosmetic dental and tooth implants

Whether you are one of the White Plains folks who goes willingly for your check-up, or are hesitant about getting dental work done, The Dental Design Center has opened its doors to smiling patients since 1996. We give straightforward answers about the cost of dental implants, the price for a crown, and the average cost…

Tooth Decay In White Plains?

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At The Dental Design Center, we restore decayed teeth to create smiles that are both healthy and beautiful. Recent advances in both techniques and materials have made the ‘impossible’ not only possible, but affordable for everyone in White Plains as well.

Affordable Dentistry In White Plains

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A perceived lack of affordable dentistry in NYC is one of the biggest reasons many people in our community avoid going to the dentist. However, the truth is that affordable dentistry is available in White Plains at The Dental Design Center.

Why Sports Drinks Put Teeth At Risk In New Castle

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While it’s true that they help maintain electrolyte levels in the body (and pose fewer health risks than energy drinks), their acidity can erode tooth enamel. And when tooth enamel erodes, those pearly whites are more susceptible to staining, discoloration, and decay.