Afraid of the Dentist? 5 Ways to Reduce Dental Anxiety

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If you tense up just thinking about going to the dentist, you may benefit from dental anesthesia offered by The Dental Design Center in White Plains NY.

Millions of Americans stress out when they have to see the dentist. It is referred to as dental anxiety. There is a more severe form, too, called dental phobia. In both, some people would rather skip the dentist altogether, rather than sit down for a checkup. The problem with that, of course, is it puts their dental health at risk.

Whatever the cause, dental anesthesia has helped millions of people get through their appointments.

We offer several solutions to dental phobia and anxiety.

  1. Oraqix® Topical Anesthesia: This top-of-the-line anesthetic process will ensure you don’t feel any pain. Plus, it’s needle-free!
  2. Complimentary Drink: We will be ready for your arrival with a refreshing drink of your choice, so you can relax.
  3. Ergonomically Designed Pillows: These ensure that your neck and back are comfortable during the procedure.
  4. Wireless Internet: Free access to the web while we work on your dental health is a plus. It will keep you distracted; the procedure will just whizz by!
  5. Car Service: We can even arrange for transport, provided that your work is extensive enough to require travel arrangements.

Don’t compromise your dental health by skipping the dentist! Dental anesthesia and patient comfort options from The Dental Design Center in White Plains NY can help! Patients from Scarsdale, Westchester County, and New Castle come to us for general and restorative dentistry. Contact us today!

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