Danger Zone! 5 Signs Of Gum Disease

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Here is some important information from The Dental Design Center in White Plains: periodontal disease is a principal cause of tooth loss among adults.

Also known as gum disease, there is also evidence that it is linked to heart disease. Fortunately, it is easy to treat if it is caught in the early stages.

What warning signs should you be looking for?

  1. Gums that bleed often
  2. Gums that appear tender, swollen, or very red, or gums that have visible pus in between them when they are pushed
  3. Your bite changes or your teeth suddenly don’t seem to fit together
  4. Gums that are pulling away from the teeth
  5. A bad taste in the mouth or chronic bad breath

Hopefully, you are not suffering from any of these things. If you are not removing plaque between your teeth, however, your gums are at risk. Brushing alone is not satisfactory—make sure you floss daily.

Regular check-ups are another essential weapon in the fight against gum disease.

At The Dental Design Center in White Plains, we offer gum disease treatment, and a full range of general dentistry procedures. Schedule your next checkup with us today.

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