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Everyone is concerned about radiation exposure .I am  especially concerned about providing my patients with the best quality,comprehensive care available  while protecting you with the finest  equipment ,state of the art technology and minimizing radiation exposure. Some important facts follow

* Many oral diseases cant be detected on a basis of a visual or tactile examination alone.Dental X-rays exams are valuable in providing information about your oral health such as early stage cavities ,gum diseases , abscesses or some types of tumors.X- rays  can help dentists catch oral health problems at an early stage.

* How often dental X-rays should be taken depends on  your oral health condition,your age,your risk to diseases and any signs and symptoms of oral disease you may be experiencing.Lets talk about what is right for you!!


* People get lesions,sores and spots in their mouths for a variety of reasons and many times these sores go away on their own and pose no problem. However ,if you have a sore spot in your mouth that has been their for more than two weeks,its important that it be evaluated.

*As your dentist , I routinely screen you for oral cancer by carefully examining  your mouth ,tongue and neck.If I find anything suspicious , I may refer you directly to an oral surgeon or physician for further evaluation or I may screen any suspicious sore or spot in my office utilizing adjunctive tests.If I conduct a screening in my office it can help determine if a referral is indicated.

* The screening I conduct in my office is just a screening …not a definitive diagnosis .Only a surgical biopsy can confirm if a lesion ,spot or sore is oral cancer.

Well wishes and continued Health

DR H and Staff