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If you tense up just thinking about going to the dentist, you may benefit from anesthesia offered by The Dental Design Center in White Plains NY. We provide patient-focused care that prioritizes your comfort and satisfaction above anything else.

Millions of Americans stress out when they have to see the dentist. It is referred to as dental anxiety. There is a more severe form, too, called dental phobia. In both, some people would rather skip the dentist altogether, rather than sit down for a checkup. The problem with that, of course, is it puts their dental health at risk.

There are lots of reasons why people develop anxiety or phobia over dental care. It often stems from a bad experience they had with a dentist as a kid. Fear of pain may be involved, as well as a fear of anesthesia and its possible side effects.

Whatever the cause, we have helped hundreds of patients remain calm during their appointment. How do we do this?

  • Topical Anesthesia: One small pinprick of pain, and the area we are working on will be numb for the next few hours. This ensures that you will not feel anything but slight pressure. Topical anesthesia has been used in dentistry for decades and is the most reliable way to numb a patient while still retaining consciousness.
  • Needle-free Anesthesia: For those who don’t like sharp objects like needles, we offer anesthesia that requires no pricking or pinching at all!
  • Patient Comfort: When you arrive, we will provide a complimentary drink, an ergonomically designed pillow to support your neck, a flatscreen television you can watch while we work, and top-of-the-line office Wi-Fi. If you’re undergoing very extensive dental work with us, we can even arrange for a car service to take you home in style!

We do everything within our power to make your visit feel calm, relaxing, and even enjoyable! Remember, it is critical that you do not compromise your dental health by skipping the dentist. The Dental Design Center in White Plains NY has helped patients throughout Westchester, Scarsdale, and New Castle. Our services include general and cosmetic dentistry. Contact us today!

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