Some more New Years Thoughts and Reflections

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The past year has been a bit like riding a roller coaster.We have gone through some weeks  in both my New York City and White Plains offices of  greater patient activity,and some slower weeks as well.

The economic down tern has proven some very important  points about the foundation of my dental practice and about the people I have been fortunate to care for for almost 19 years. Being known for my comprehensive dental care inclusive of cosmetic  enhancement procedures many people have had  to put the  more involved and often  more costly procedures on hold until their discretionary income returns.

What has not changed  is their regular frequency that people continue to come in to my offices for preventative procedures.After caring for someone for so many years  the ease of honest dialogue about when life throws you a curve ball such as losing ones job is easier than trying to discuss it with someone  you don’t have that comfortable rapore with. Patients know that I will not waiver in the way I take care of them.Many dentists have begun doing procedures that they were using specialist to do before the economic slowdown. I have always and continue to see one patient at a time,not rushing  through and appointment to see more patients throughout the day and only offering treatment in my office that I am confident and comfortable providing in my office myself. I still consider the specialists I refer to a vital part of my dental team.

My patients still want the best care and treatment options available ,that they have grown accustomed to. We  continue to provide   this and in order to make it more financially affordable have worked out  a variety of financial arrangements to assit patients to continue to   consent to optimal care.

Even in the economic slow down people want to and need to look there very best.A great smile can mean the difference between getting and not getting that job. That is why members of my practice and new patients join the practice with  interest in embarking on cosmetic enhancement procedures such as Porcelain Veneers,Tooth Whitening and Bonding.

With the end of 2009 and reviewing the year it was surprising to me that I  I performed even more cosmetic enhancement procedures in 2009 than I did in 2008!!!

As January is half over it seems that there is a wave of optimism throughout the country and the economy struggles but continues to move in a growing ,positive direction..