Test Your Cosmetic Dentistry IQ, Scarsdale

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Test Your Cosmetic Dentistry IQ, Scarsdale

Are you up to date on the latest cosmetic dentistry procedures offered by your Hartsdale, NYC, or New Castle dentist? Take our quiz and find out!

1. This popular treatment uses a dental composite that resembles enamel. This composite is applied to the surface of the teeth, sculpted, and then hardened and polished.

A. Veneers
B. Flossing
C. Defanging
D. Bonding

The correct answer is D, bonding.

2. This procedure, which can be done by your dentist or at your White Plains, New York area home is very common and its main purpose is to lighten the color of one’s teeth.

A. Teeth Bleaching
B. Teeth Whitening
C. Inlays and Onlays
D. Buffing the ol’ pearly whites

The correct answer is B, teeth whitening, though it is also called teeth bleaching.

3. These thin, porcelain coverings are custom-made for each mouth and are usually used to close gaps or cover discolored teeth.

A. Wax lips
B. Bleaching trays
C. Veneers
D. Tooth socks

The correct answer is C, veneers, however, tooth socks do sound cozy!

4. Which dentist serving the NYC area can skillfully perform state-of-the-science cosmetic dentistry procedures to give you a celebrity-caliber smile?

A. cosmetic dentist Ira Handschuh at The Dental Design Center with Dr. Ira J. Handschuh
B. Bertha Bicuspid
C. Dr. Leo Spaceman
D. Whitey Toothson

The correct answer is A, cosmetic dentist Ira Handschuh.

Hi, I’m cosmetic dentist Ira Handschuh of The Dental Design Center  in White Plains. We serve the Scarsdale, Hartsdale, and New Castle areas with superior experience and care. If you have any questions about our services or about cosmetic dentistry procedures such as tooth whitening or smile makeovers (before and after pictures), please contact us today.

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