These Snacks Are Just As Bad As Candy For Kids’ Teeth

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Most parents know that candy is damaging for teeth. The sugar in candy creates the acids in the mouth that cause tooth decay. That’s something we remind parents of frequently, at The Dental Design Center in White Plains.

Because sugar is bad for teeth (and overall physical health), many moms and dads choose what appear to be healthier snacks. Unfortunately, many are nearly as bad for teeth as candy is.

These snacks include:

Dried fruit

Nutrition-wise, a dried apricot is a far better option than a candy bar. The problem is that dried fruits stick to teeth, which poses the same  risk as candy.

Sports and Energy Drinks

Sports drinks are popular with kids, especially as they get involved in sports. When you buy them be sure to inspect the labels. Some have as much sugar as soda.

Soy, Almond, or Rice Milk

Parents whose child can’t tolerate lactose turn to non-dairy milk substitutes. Most brands come in both a sweetened and non-sweetened version. Sweetened types contain a substantial amount of sugar.

Granola Bars

Some brands of granola bars a loaded with sugar. Once again, read the labels before you buy them!


Kids need calcium, and yogurt is a great source. Many brands have a high sugar content. Some parents keep the fridge stocked with hand-held yogurt packets. Kids who eat these throughout the day are subjecting their teeth to a continual stream of sugar.

Sweetened Applesauce

Some manufacturers pack this healthy snack with sugar. Look for a brand without added sugar.

Tooth decay is a serious problem, and the more you read labels and minimize sugar consumption in your kids, the better off they’ll be. (You, too!) People come to The Dental Design Center in White Plains from Scarsdale, Westchester County, and New Castle for general and cosmetic dentistry. Call for an appointment today!

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