Dear Ira.

I had bonding put on my four front teeth over ten years ago because my teeth had yellowed from braces. Slowly over time, the bonding began to fade away. As a Result, black had formed around the gum line and portions of my front teeth were very yellow. I began to feel self conscious when I smiled. I noticed my self not smiling a complete smile because I fell my teeth were noticeably unattractive. I am a person who laughs quite a bit so this really annoyed me and knew I had to take action.

Dr. Handschuh was referred to me by my regular dentist so I went to see him to determine what my options were. It became clear that veneers were the way to go. Dr. Handschuh explained the process we would go through very clearly from the get-go. I always felt he spent considerable time with me easing my nervousness and answering all my questions. He took great care with me and my teeth throughout the entire process. He sent me to the lab where the veneers are made to ensure the shape of my teeth matched my smile and personality. Also, not many dentists call to check up on you after each appointment, but he did just in case I had any problems or follow up questions.

The end result is that I love my teeth. Dr Handschuh crafted the perfect shape for my teeth and selected an ideal color. When I laugh, I show my full smile for all to see. I no longer hold back because now I want to show off my teeth instead of hiding them. One of my friends said to me “you look great, something looks different about you but I cannot figure out what it is” I thought, well that is the best compliment of all because that meant my teeth looked natural like they were always meant to be there.

The final testament to my belief in Dr Handschuh’s ability is that I sent my husband to him for a similar cosmetic treatment. I guess I am a true believer.